AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Review – Smell The Glove

Ten years ago, if you had argued that Iron Man of all things would be the most important and influential superhero film of the year – if not the most important film of the year, period – chances are that no-one would have believed you. And yet here we are, a decade in to the grand experiment that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Avengers: Infinity War, the 19th (!) film in the series and the culmination of everything that’s gone before. With enormous hype and a presumably even more enormous budget behind it, it has a lot to deliver on – but will people be satisfied?

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MyMovies ranks the Marvel Universe

Black Panther is king of the global box office and probably will be for a while, which means it’s time once again to take the 18 (!!) films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and rank them. It’s become a bit of a ritual with each new one that gets released, but it’s always something of an eye-opener because it makes you realise just how good these films actually are – even at their worst, they’re still nowhere near bad.

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